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As a writer for hire, my personal website sometimes suffers … I seem to remember an expression about a shoemaker’s kids going without shoes. Let me Google that … Yes, here it is:


I’m considering making a graphic with the quote:

A writer’s website often goes without regular updates.”

Yes? No? … Maybe you’d have to see it …

But, either way, in the interest of keeping my website up-to-date – while also moving client projects forward – I’d like to share a few articles I’ve written recently:

1. How to Make a Purple Cow: 12 Tips for an Unforgettable Business Website

Unforgettable-1-300x240I love the whole concept of the “Purple Cow” – coined by Seth Godin. Basically, cows are boring (according to Godin) and unremarkable. But, if you found a purple cow, that’s something you’d never stop talking about.

With that in mind, here are 12 ways to make your website unforgettable … even if you don’t have an interesting product, a dramatic story, an exciting image, or The Most Interesting Man in the World

Read the whole article here.

2. 8 Ways to Work Less and Earn More

work-less-and-earn-more-300x190This article, which I wrote for Bidsketch, got a lot of mentions around the Web.

Here’s the backstory: At the beginning of 2013, I wanted to double my hourly rate – for the primary purpose of having more leisure time.

Throughout the year I tested different techniques and strategies so I could work less and earn more. At the end of the year, I more than doubled my hourly rate and I worked less than part time (or 20 hours per week).

If you too want to work fewer hours – or increase your hourly rate – read this article for 8 ways to maximize your working hours.

3. Content that Converts: How to Turn Viewers into Buyers

content-that-converts-1This article was a lot of fun to write – and judging by the response, people found it useful.

If you spend any time at all writing and sharing content to market your business, this article will help you decide if you’re missing critical elements when it comes to your content marketing strategy. And – if so – how to combine entertaining content with content that converts (i.e. makes you more money).

Read the whole article here.

Also, be sure to check out the “Snellen Test” for copy (explained in the comments by fellow writer, Steve Maurer).

I guess that’s all for today …

As always, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!