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Ready to increase your ?

Ready to increase your ?

“Go-To Writer For AWAI”

"Christina demonstrated her writing talent and attention to deadlines from the very first project we assigned her and has become one of our go-to writers for online content ever since.

"Along with writing a blockbuster promotion for us this year, she always meets her deadlines, and continuously works to improve her craft."

Rebecca Matter

"That takes writing skills"

"Her sales letter and e-mail autoresponders earned the business an additional $100,000 in just over a two-month period. That takes writing skills. I highly recommend her work and am excited to see where she takes it in the future."

Bryan Todd, Co-author
The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

“The Total Package”

"Christina is the total package. She has a deep understanding of how copywriting, graphic design, and strategy all need to work together for a successful marketing campaign. Her experience as a business owner gives her a unique understanding of her clients' perspective that many other marketers don't have. And Christina's full of great ideas and solid business advice! I'm lucky to have her as a mentor."

Candice Lazar
Freelance Copywriter

"Used by Most Top Copywriters"

"In a series of emails Christina recently wrote for AWAI, she demonstrated she truly understands how powerful a message can be if you stick to The Rule of One. The Rule of One is one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned about writing and it is used by most top copywriters. Congratulations, Christina!"

Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson
AWAI Advisory Board Member
Copywriter, Entrepreneur, and Author

"You Won't Find Anyone Better"

"When I need a content writer, Christina is one of the first I call. She is reliable, always on time, and easy to work with. Best of all, her writing is top notch. If you're looking for someone to create high-quality content, you won't find anyone better than Christina. (Just don't steal her away from me!)"

Kathryn Aragon
Previously Managing Editor
CrazyEgg blog

"Whoever is doing your writing is amazing!"

"Whoever is doing your writing is amazing! I usually don’t open emails like that, but for some reason with you guys I always open them and end up reading every word! I just have to know what you’re going to say in each email. Your writer is excellent!”

Charlie Labarca
Creative Director
Green Leaf Effect

“Over $100,000 in the First 74 Days”

"Christina helped us launch a new training course this year, and the copy she wrote for us was a home run. It generated $25,304.54 in 24 hours and over $100,000 in the first 74 days."

Conrad Feagin
Owner and Founder
Technical Lead, Inc.

“Terrific Copywriter with a Clean, Professional Style”

"Christina is a terrific copywriter with a clean, professional style. She's also extremely generous in sharing valuable tips and resources to other copywriters through her articles on AWAI as well as via Twitter. I know that she's one of the go-to copywriters for AWAI so that says a lot about not only the quality of her work but also her professionalism."

Rachel Karl
Marketing Strategist

“Buy Now, Not Later"

"You have a business grace and style that few people have. I think that ability will take you as far as you want to go in life... It takes your kind of talent to put a company on the map. Your talent is helping them reach out to new and existing clients – ’Buy Now, not later.’”

Kelvin Otis
Copywriter/Content Analyst
Corinthian Colleges Inc

“An Absolute Pleasure to Work With”

"Christina has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From her understanding the processes involved with the various tasks we are doing, to just being understanding and flexible with our workflow, she has been as helpful as humanly possible. I look forward to working with her again and again."

Matthew Stevens
Web Developer and Print Designer

“Very Talented Copywriter and Marketer”

"Christina is a very talented copywriter and marketer. She thinks 'outside the box' and the results speak for themselves. She is generous with her time in helping others and she is generally a pleasure to know."

Brett Comeau
Direct Response Copywriter