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I have the nicest refrigerator in the world. Every day, at least 10 times a day, it says the nicest things to me.

You’re probably wondering how on earth my fridge speaks …

A few weeks ago, right after I watched the movie that changed my writer’s life path forever, I noticed a business card magnet on my fridge. I had been reading this magnet 20+ times each day for months, but not really caring or thinking about it. It told me to “buy water filters, pool filters, spa filters, and more” from my local filter company.

But a few weeks ago, something in my head clicked and I thought, “What if I replace this magnet with something about copywriting – something that motivates me?”

So I went into my office and typed up a quote from “Making the Leap,” printed it out, and stuck it on my fridge. It’s a motivational goldmine, full of success stories of copywriters who’ve made it, and they share proven steps to help you succeed, too.

Here’s the quote I chose:

    “First, realize that you can make six figures as a copywriter. That is an attainable goal. But, if you don’t believe it, you will undercharge for your services. Remember, even the most unskilled of laborers can easily earn $30,000 a year. You bring real, valuable skills to the table. They are worth $100,000 a year. Or more.”

So far, this quote has completely changed my outlook on the writer’s life. I was looking at it all wrong. I thought six figures was a lot and therefore unattainable. But as the quote points out, even the most unskilled laborers easily earn $30,000 a year.

I’m finally starting to realize the value we, as copywriters, bring to the businesses we serve, and this has filled me with complete confidence.

And I’ve accomplished more – and received more paying work – in the past couple of weeks than the last few years.

Sometimes all you need to believe success is possible are the right words. And when you find them, make your fridge, walls, office wall, and anything else you can think of tell you every day.

And if you need a good resource of inspirational quotes and motivational success stories, check out Making the Leap or the Wall of Fame today.

Look for quotes that prove your fears are wrong or ones that make you feel like the sky is the limit. If you find a quote that makes you want to start writing immediately – or finally pick up the phone and call a potential client – hang onto it.

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