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A quick way to position yourself as an expert is to create content.

This could be in the form of your own blog, a money-making website, a book, or even guest blog posts or articles.

If you’re holding back, it may be because you think the only way to create content that makes you look like an expert is to brag about yourself or exaggerate how good you really are.

That’s not the case.

Writing content is one of the best ways to show you know what you’re talking about without having to say you know what you’re talking about.

When someone comes to your website, picks up your book, or sees your articles demonstrating your knowledge and skills, they’ll automatically assume you’re an expert who knows what they’re talking about.

You won’t have to say you’re an expert because it will be obvious.

Here are five things to keep in mind when creating content that makes you look like an expert:

1. Provide Value

All your articles and blog posts should, first and foremost, provide value to your readers and potential clients.

Your readers don’t want to read about you. They want to find out how you’re going to solve their problem.

Show them you can solve their problem by providing original and valuable ideas, and they’ll see you as an expert.

2. Show, Don’t Tell

Rather than tell people what your expertise is, your writing is a great place to show off your expertise.

For example, if you’re an expert web writer and you’re trying to get more clients in that area, write articles about web writing. Share what you’re learning and how it can be applied to your preferred niches.

Share case studies that show you’re successful at what you do, and people will believe you’re an expert.

The more often you write, the better off you’ll be. Frequent updates to your blog or guest posts show you’re dedicated and have a lot of knowledge.

Plus, people who agree with your point of view will feel drawn to you, and they’ll be more likely to hire you or become a fan of your website.

3. Write Often

The more often you write, the faster you’ll become an expert. Writing often requires research and knowledge in your field.

Don’t worry if you don’t know everything about your niche or topic right now. You will always be learning and growing.

Plus, coming up with new ideas and experiences shows you’re really into your topic.

4. Repurpose Your Content

One great thing about writing often in order to be seen as an expert is you can use your content in many ways.

You can compile all your articles into a book that you sell or use to generate leads.

If you’re writing guest posts and the website owner is okay with it, you can use your articles on your own blog to bring in more traffic.

You can use your articles to create videos, podcasts, or even mini-courses that you can sell for extra income.

5. Be Yourself

Don’t worry about scaring any potential clients away. If they don’t like your writing style or what you have to say, then they probably wouldn’t like the work you do for them anyway.

It’s far easier to be yourself all the time instead of having to pretend to be what your clients want some of the time.

A lot of clients will like the way you write, and those working relationships will be a lot easier in the long run.

At all times, remember to write about solutions to your readers’ problems.

Writing content to position yourself as an expert isn’t difficult – especially when you stop telling people what you can do and start showing them instead.

So what about you? What have you written lately that shows you’re an expert? Comment below to join the discussion …