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“If you’re not blogging … you’re doing something wrong.” − Dan Zarella

Do you agree?

I do – and so do Valerie Leroyer and Faith Attaguile.

I met Valerie and Faith last year at AWAI’s Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida. We’re also in a professional group for copywriters known as Circle Of Success.

Since last year, these savvy bloggers and social media consultants have been very busy and yesterday they launched a brand new social media and blogging site designed to help you “Sing your message. Hook your audience. Build your community.”

Even if you’re not yet into blogging or the social media world (or if it’s not working for you), they’re here to show you how to get known with “pizzazz!” is their exciting new website where they offer Blog Packages and Social Media Packages to help you start your journey, manage your impact … and win!

They’re even offering a free gift – 5 free ebooks (no opt-in required). Each eBook is designed to help you become more familiar with the world of social media and blogging.

Click the images below to visit and download your free ebooks:

I hope you enjoy these free e-books and if you’d like to know more about Faith or Valerie, here’s how you can connect with them:

Twitter: @letsbuildablog

Valerie also blogs at or you can follow her on Twitter.

Faith can be found helping green businesses at She’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, too!

Have a great day!