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Have you taken a personality test before?

I always learn something new about myself from them. But they’ve never told me how to use the information to better my life.

It’s great to know that I’m “driven” and “talkative.” But without an action plan, it’s useless.

A few months ago, I finally chose my niche. Because it’s in personal development, I’ve been pouring through as many books on the subject as I can get my hands on.

As part of this process, I came across one in particular that really changed the way I view my communication style and my relationships. It helped me take action on what I learned from all those personality tests. It’s called First Steps to Wealth.

Dani Johnson, the author, has an incredible story. She was raised on welfare, pregnant at 17, and wound up homeless at 21. But amazingly, by 23, she was a millionaire.

In her book, she gives you the tools she used to improve her life. She focuses on relationships you have and how you deal with other people.

One concept she shares is Gems. These Gems are made up of Rubies, Sapphires, Pearls, and Emeralds.

Each represents a different personality type.

Johnson says, “You have all four Gem characteristics in you. Some people have a lot of two Gems and very little of the others. Others have quite a bit of each one in them, but they lead and communicate in one primary Gem most of the time.”

Becoming aware of the different Gems (think of them as personality types if this sounds a bit too New Age to you) and using them in your life will open all kinds of doors for you. You’ll be able to make connections with other people and understand their needs faster.

By applying the different Gem types, you can even impress your clients by communicating with them exactly like they communicate with you. Once you know their Gem type, you’ll know how they think and what type of information they need to make a decision – like hiring you.

So, which Gem are you?


A Sapphire loves socializing, they’re the life of the party, and they are motivated by fun. They like to be around a lot of people. They love variety interacting with others. They never see the negative side of a situation. They love recognition. In fact, they will work harder for recognition than they ever will for money.

From Sapphires, we can learn to not be so serious and that life can be fun if we let it.

However, Sapphires can improve by understanding not everyone is as positive as them. Sapphires often hurt other people’s feeling by seeming to not care, when really they’re just looking at the positive side of things.

For a Sapphire to enjoy the ultimate writer’s life, they should focus on working with companies that offer recognition and praise. Fundraising or speech writing might be a good niche for a Sapphire.

If your potential client is a Sapphire, make a point to praise their previous successes and always have something positive to say.


All the Gems want to help people. But helping is the prime motivator for a Pearl. They are not motivated by money. They usually have strong convictions and are called to action by a cause.

They are thoughtful and patient. They love to serve others and do not like to argue.

A Pearl loves to talk about their family. They are okay with sharing personal information while they are getting to know someone. If a Pearl senses that someone is a fake, they will lose trust in them.

Pearls, like Sapphires, love people and being around them, but not in large noisy groups.

Pearls prefer long-term relationships. They’ll be your best friends for life. They are good listeners and prefer talking to someone one on one. They are trustworthy, loyal, and true to their word.

From Pearls, we can learn the importance of helping others and keeping our word.

However, Pearls often get walked on and taken advantage of because they are so helpful. They can improve their own lives by being a bit more selective in how often they help others. It’s okay to say no if it’s not in their best interest to be helpful in a certain situation.

If you’re a Pearl, try to avoid doing too much “free” work. It might make you feel good, but it will delay your progress on your real goals.

To appeal to a prospective client that is a Pearl, use real stories (remember, they can detect if you’re fake) about your previous clients and how you’ve helped them.


Emeralds are motivated by facts and figures. Everything is black and white.

They are often weak in communication and they are judged as insensitive and cold-hearted – but they’re not. They are articulate. They are very clear with their speech so they won’t be misunderstood, and they always ask, “Why?”

Emeralds are problem solvers who come up with multiple solutions to each problem. They spend a lot of time on research to evaluate each possible solution to make sure they pick the right one. They also tend to be perfectionists and want to figure it all out before starting.

Emeralds can teach us to be more true to our word and to become more organized. They know it’s important to follow through, follow up, and do the tasks to the best of their abilities. That is something we should all strive to do.

If you’re an Emerald, you might be stuck in the learning phase. You can move past it by choosing one niche and getting started in just that area.

Also, to avoid missed opportunities, you should focus on making decisions faster.

If you have a potential client who is an Emerald, be sure to give them a lot of proof of your abilities. Include specific facts and figures about the results you’ve been able to get for other clients. Don’t leave them with lingering questions. Emeralds will do their own research, but if you give them what they need, you’ll impress them and win a sale.


Rubies like to win. They are motivated by challenges, but if they can’t win, they won’t play. They like to have the best of everything. They like to be unique and stand out. Rubies constantly have to be striving for a goal, a next step, or another challenge. Rubies are often business owners and entrepreneurs because they like to lead.

Rubies are often missing sleep and skipping breakfast because they are incredibly productive and get more done in one day than anybody else.

Rubies are proud of their accomplishments and want to tell you about them. They are also blessed with extra confidence and they’re not afraid to take a risk. They are direct and to the point, even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

If you’re a Ruby, you’re probably applying for every job that comes along, but by narrowing your focus and putting more effort into a few proposals, you’ll get better results. Also, Rubies typically need to work on their communication skills with the other Gems and learn to be more sensitive to others’ feelings.

If you have a potential client who is a Ruby, you can impress them by being an idea generator, making yourself available so they can be more productive, and by not getting offended if they hurt your feelings.

Deciding on Your Gem

As you read the above Gem types, did any stand out to you? It’s okay if the answer is no. I recommend having someone else – someone who knows you well – read the types and help you decide which one you are.

I had my husband help me out, and we determined I’m mostly a Sapphire. I’m also an Emerald when it comes to making decisions about my business and a Ruby when it comes to my goals.

Dani says when you’re able to identify your primary Gem and others’ primary Gems, you will understand who you are and how you can relate to others in their environments.

All the Gems explain things a little differently. If you know this and you can recognize others’ Gem types, you’ll be able to speak their language and build better relationships that lead to success in your life and business.

Which Gem are you? Comment below to join the discussion …