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Before I jump into today’s lesson, I want to tell you something: I do not like asking for help.

I’m one of those people who would rather do it myself so “I know it will be done right.”

I like to come up with the idea, do the research, implement it, and get all the credit. (Yeah – I’m that person.)

All through college, I avoided group projects like the plague – even if it meant I had to do six times more work.

But now that I’m developing my personal skills, I’m realizing that’s a terrible way to go through life. It’s stressful, lonely, and more difficult – especially if you’re trying to break into writing all by yourself.

Through my research, I’ve learned that all the A-level copywriters reach out for help. They follow the paths other people have followed, they learn from others’ mistakes, and they ask for advice when they hit a roadblock.

I’d advise you to do the same. I am.

I’ve made a commitment to myself that I’m going to do whatever it takes to be an A-level copywriter. And that means swallowing my pride and taking cues from those who know what they’re talking about.

It also meant joining Circle of Success so I can get to the writer’s life faster, connect with others who are willing to share their advice, and get access to a whole slew of programs designed to give me help where I need it.

My first step after joining Circle of Success was to call AWAI Co-Managing Partner Rebecca Matter. In just one phone call, we were able to discover my niche – something I had not been able to do on my own for over a year.

That call enabled me to get my self-marketing messages put together, set up my website, and get my first client. Without her help, I’d still be struggling, trying to do it all my way.

Next, I started attending the weekly classes and diving into the projects designed to hone my writing skills. The first 12 weeks were focused on just headlines – that’s how in-depth Circle of Success is.

I went into the classes thinking I knew a lot about headlines, but I wound up learning more than I could imagine.

One tip I learned about the Big Idea cut my writing time nearly in half.

Since that breakthrough, I’m eager to continue my Circle of Success classes to see what else I can learn, reveal, and conquer.

Before I end for the day, I just want to say it’s really difficult to do this alone.

But even though I hate asking for help, I’ve decided it’s in my best interest to learn from those that have come before me.

Now when I have a problem, question, or concern, I send off an email or call someone and get help.

The writer’s life is so much more fun when it’s easy and you’re doing what others have done before. And it’s safer when you have a concrete path to stick to and people to bounce ideas off of.

Let me know what’s holding you back. Comment below to join the discussion …